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OVAL OFFICE.(“Jeff Sessions, Trump administration are still comedic gold for SNL cast, despite summer break”)

June 14, 2017



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  1. “Arts and Entertainment

    Jeff Sessions, Trump administration are still comedic gold for SNL cast, despite summer break

    By Cleve R. Wootson Jr. June 14 at 9:15 AM

    Kate McKinnon told Seth Myers she was despondent, and it was hard to tell whether the “Saturday Night Live” cast member was really joking.

    For months, she and the other stars of SNL had mined the 2016 presidential election and President Trump’s administration for comedy gold.

    Now, she told Myers, there were laughs to be had, and her principal comedic outlet was on hiatus.

    “No, it’s hard,” she whined on Tuesday night. “There’s a party going on, and I’m not there.”

    For good measure, she launched into an impersonation of Attorney General Jeff Sessions, whom she had portrayed on the show.

    Earlier Tuesday, Sessions had engaged in testy testimony with senators about coordination between Trump’s campaign and Russia during the presidential race. McKinnon said she watched with rapt attention “because we’re off, I couldn’t help myself.

    “… [Russian Ambassador] Sergey Kislyak, I only met him two times. Three times. Okay, three times, but the third time was in a men’s restroom, and we was just talking about what a trial it is to get soap out of those electric soap dispensers.

    “As for [now-fired FBI director] Jim Comey, he asked me to keep Trump out of his way, right, and I said I didn’t respond, but the truth is I didn’t hear him, because the truth is this guy is about 6-foot-8, and I had heard a sound above my head, and I thought it was a cicada.”

    Then she sneezes three times and says “recuse me.”

    In May, McKinnon and “Saturday Night Live” ended the show’s most-watched season in 23 years. As The Washington Post’s Elahe Izadi wrote last month, SNL has drawn 10 million views on average, and its season finale was the most-watched in six years:

    The show has made fun of Hillary Clinton, ribbing the Democratic candidate as robotic and awkward in her attempts to relate to the public. But the episode after Election Day featured an entirely serious cold open, with Kate McKinnon’s Clinton playing “Hallelujah” at the piano with tears in her eyes. Months later, Baldwin’s Trump did the same thing — but to poke fun at a chaotic week of bad headlines for Trump.

    Now, without a prominent rival, Trump dominates not only SNL but the rest of late-night comedy, and the appetite for brutal Trump jokes seems to be quite large. Shows with hosts who deliver razor-sharp jabs at Trump’s expense, such as Stephen Colbert, have posted record ratings.”

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